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SIP Open Relay testing made simple

Regularly test your SIP server to ensure configuration changes are not making it vulnerable

  • Get results in less than 2 seconds
  • Test any UDP or TCP port as well as TLS
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly test scans
  • Bonus : Find out what is publicly known about your server
Pricing & Features
Get started. No credit card required
  • Test only on UDP port 5060
  • See RTT (Round trip time)
  • Unlimited tests
  • All in Beginner
  • Test on any port
  • Test using either UDP, TCP or TLS
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly scans
  • Get a report on open ports on the server
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Is it safe to test my production server?

Yes! The tests run are not intrusive and can be run against a production server. Only 4 SIP requests are sent to the server.

When does the scheduler run?

The scheduler runs between 0:00 - 02:00 UTC. Reports will be sent out during this time period for daily runs. The weekly report runs during the same time period on Mondays whilst the monthly report is run on the first day of the month. The scheduler does not take breaks on holidays 🙂.

Why do I need to register in order to use the free service?

AI and bots might be a thing but we still prefer dealing with humans 🤗

What is RTT and how is it measured?

RTT stands for Round Trip Time. It is the time it takes a SIP request sent by the testing platform to receive a response from the server being tested. We do not use ICMP pings for this because we do not believe that to be an effective way of testing. After all, you are interested in the performance of your service not your network device.

From which geographical regions are you testing?

Testing is done for now from one region, Ireland in Europe. More locations will be added soon!

Ready to test your server?